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Amcor Solar Energies Ltd. is a leading producer of Solar and Electrical heating systems for the Israeli and international markets. The company exports to North and South America, Europe, Asia Africa and to parts of the former USSR.

The focus of the company is mainly on heating solutions for domestic and industrial usage.
Amcor Solar Energies Ltd
Our collectors are made of environmental friendly materials with high performance up to 72% efficiency, achieved due to continuous research & development with many years of experience.

Our collector variety allows you to combine any solution needed.
The Collectors size range between 1.4 and 3.6 sq.m.=(4.4-10.8) Kwh, the Solar Tanks Volume range between 80 and 300 liters and the Electrical Tanks Volume range between 15 and 300 liters
Our Products are certified by The Israeli Standard Institution, as well as several European Standards.

Amcor Solar Energy quality inspection is ISO 9001-2008 qualified.